School Student Union of Norway

The School Student Union of Norway is a national, politically independent organization that organizes and represents students in Norwegian schools. We work to provide information on student rights, and to influence the national and local school politics in Norway. We currently organize students in middle school and high school.

Brief history
NGS (Norsk Gymnasiastsamband) was founded in 1959 as a reaction to School Leaders’ censorship of student school papers. In 1964 NGS started Operation Dayswork, a solidarity project where students use on day of their education to earn money for the education of youth in developing countries. They also obtained their first political triumph this year: the legal right to form School Student Councils. Over the decades NGS grew in importance and became a useful partner for emerging politicians. This led to a never-ending fight for power between left and right wings of youth politics which resulted in the founding of NEO (Norsk Elevoganisasjon) in 1993. In opposition to NGS, NEO established principles which prohibited representatives to promote political parties. NEO wanted to represent school students, not the right or left wing politics of Norway.

As the two organizations spent their time trying to be better than the other, in order to obtain the biggest membership base, they both suffered financially. In 1999 NGS and NEO came together to form the organization we have today, Elevorganisasjonen (EO), which is internationally known as SSUN.

Today SSUN organize almost all school students in middle and high school. Over 50
years of commitment to student rights have passed, and SSUN is still working hard
towards the goal of creating the world’s best school system.

The School Student Union of Norway is based on institutionalized membership. A school can become a member if the majority of the students at the school vote yes during a ballot held by SSUN. Students doing their apprenticeship period can become a member of an apprentice council within SSUN. School students, who are not a part of the organization through their school, can become an individual member.

Examples of activities organized by SSUN

  • A national campaign on educational politics
  • Conferences for student councils
  • Operation Dayswork (
Contact information
Contact information

Telephone: +47 22 99 37 00

Mail Address
Kolstadgata 1,
0652 Oslo

Alida de Lange D'Agostino


+47 913 86 220

Per Roppestad Christensen

General Secretary

+47 941 81 453

Sara Houge

International Officer

+47 480 62 308